Our Story

Why Our Products Different from Others?

The main difference in the copper sector is "hand hammered copper" products and "machine hammered copper" products. In the hand hammered way, which is traditional and labor-intensive production metholodolgy, all process complated by copper masters and no additional industrial methodolgy applied for products. In industrial way, because it is not labor-intensive costs can be lower and it provides more price advantages for selling them. Our products originally produced from our local workshop, and prepared on demand with all traditional way. In addition, we do not use digital printing on the surface of the products, all engraving process are handmade again.

Copper art is one of the geographical indications of Turkey from Erzincan, we add related documents to message, therefore we made our coppers with local copper masters and we are located in the origin of the copper art.

We only use high quality pure copper for life-time using. We ensure the life-time guarantee for your products.


Wholesale availability

We can offer the best price for wholesale purchases. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom and personalized orders

All our flat-surface copper products can be customized with no extra costs. Please contact us to hand engraving options.